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At Canpak, we are proud of the relationships cultivated with customers.

Canpak, Inc. has been supplying containers to various industries since 1961. We attribute our success to a unique blend of experience and innovation coupled with unsurpassable, dependable service.

Our headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we recently added an additional location in Baltimore, Maryland to better service those who require a distributor who will go the extra mile.

We not only warehouse the majority of our packaging items; we offer prompt delivery on one of our trucks.

Give us the opportunity to supply you, the customer, with the most versatile packaging any distributor has to offer.

Contact us today to quote your packaging needs!


With our huge 105,000 square foot warehouse, you can rest assured that we have your product needs in stock, eliminating long lead times and production stopages.

Fast delivery. Period. Canpak understands that most times you need your order yesterday, with our fleet of delivery vehichles, we are able to guarantee prompt delivery.